Gabriela Handal

Visual Artist

Self-portraits as a Victim

Drawings / Lithographs


My work is first and foremost about the human body. Afterwards, it ramifies into my personal experience as an adult female and fantasy art, so the images that I make will go from anatomy oriented or a character study, to very personal and visceral.

I generally work with drawing, because of it’s enormous portability, versatility and malleability. Drawing is my go-to method, whenever I think of making something, I always think of drawing first.

The featured body of work that has to do with a fear of violence and physical abuse. As I made the work, I realized how much more profound the concern with physical abuse was.

The drawings helped me reconsider my views on feminism and myself, my behavior in previous relationships.

This body of work consists of self-portraits in which an external force in the form of a rope or an enormous man hand enters the picture plane and harms me in some way. The imagery quotes things that happened in a previous relationship in which my partner at the time did things to my head that I didn’t want and I didn’t realize until much later how uncomfortable the experience made me. The drawings helped, among other things, to deal with and accept what happened.